Eurocon Weekend- Friday

What a fabulous weekend it’s been at Eurocon, full of laughs and classic gaming in the company of some of the nicest folk anyone would wish to meet.

Friday – Up early on in the  morning  and a short walk to my local train station carrying a back breaking pack containing all I’d need for the weekend including camera gear and laptop. It’s a shame my mp3 player had broke just a few minutes into the journey, but with free wireless on the train up to Manchester, was able to catch up on a few podcasts whilst enjoy the stunning views as we trundled along through the high ranges of the peak district.

Arriving around noon and with map in hand, made my way to the Lass O Gowrie, a multi award winning victorian public house we’d all be calling home for the next few days.

Left to Right: Myself, Karl, Mike, Stu, Andy, Sophie, Richard, Kayleigh and Mark.

Most of the guys from the Retro Computer Museum had already arrived as too were many of my friends from across the pond. With lunch ordered, time to catch up with everyone.

The current proprietors of the Lass is an avid retro gamer himself, owning quite a collection of arcade machines, cocktail arcade cabs and hosts regular retro gaming evening at pub each week.  Dotted around the place were artwork and items from the 70’s and 80’s that perfectly set the scene for the weekends event. You don’t expect ZX Spectrum’s & vintage Kenner Starwars figures behind the bar in most pubs!

‘Witchfinders’ Mame bar top cab, aptly named!

Due to football match taking place, we couldn’t set up the RCM collection of British computers until the next day, so Friday evening was spent relaxing over a game or two…and thanks to this Pheonix cocktail cab, many lost hours!

With the evening drawing to a close, it was time to head out for a bite to eat and in the heart of Manchester city centre were plenty to choose from. We ended up in at an oriental buffet and with eighty or so dishes on offer to suit everyones taste.

So far, it’s been a brilliant day, shame we couldn’t set everything up this evening but wary from the days events and travel was glad we didn’t have to lug equipment around.

Heading to the hotel for a well deserved rest. Like some kind of weird Pac-Man maze, finding the right floor/room was going to be a challenge!


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