Retro gaming bliss

Well, so far Eurocon  is shaping up to be one hellava event. My hotel wifi isn’t great to say the least therefore I’ll write up a proper post when I get back home on Sunday evening.

There’s been some fantastic systems on offer and is, as always, wonderful to meet up with old friends and chat with new ones. I knew wthe Commodore c64 was big in Germany, but boy do they really love this beige box of joy.

There’s also been a few new systems i’ve never used before…and one, I’m rapidly falling in love with! I

It’s also arcade machine ‘oplenty at Eurocon with quite a few upright cabs including the superb R-Type and four player shenanigans with Sega’s Quartet. There’s also a really nice collection of cocktail cabs too and had a wonderful  lunch with friends over a game of Mr Do. and one of my all time favorite games, Phoenix.

So far, i’m up to 500 shots on my camera and I’ve been reviewing some of them this evening. I’m pretty happy with most of them but some could be a little better. Maybe tomorrow, during our Eurocon breakfast, i’ll whip round before the main crowds arrive.

Also, there’s been a few bargains to be had via the trade stores and, although conscious of trying to keep my luggage weight down, have picked up a few items for my collection. Also, my lucky dip prize turned out to be quite a surprise too.

Looking forward to the last day at Eurocon and am so glad I’ve got Monday off to recover 🙂


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