Blender 3D – Commodore 64.

During lunch breaks, a college of mine had been showing me some of the amazing compositions he’s created with Blender the open source 3D creation suite & the commercial Maya 3D suite . It’s been a very long time since I’ve played around with Raytracing and if memory serves me correctly, it was way back on the Commodore Amiga with a program called Imagine – chequer boards and chrome balls 🙂

So, with Blender installed on my PC and armed with a few tutorials I set about creating my first ‘torus’ and adding all manner of weird and wonderful textures and lighting. Blender’s interface is a little daunting at first, and I know I’ve only just scratched the surface and really couldn’t tell you what  ‘Cubic Interpolation’ or ‘Subsurface Scattering’ actually means…but it’s fun to simply mess about find out what’s does what 🙂

Moving away from simple shapes for the moment, I came across 1000’s of 3D models on the web and started importing a few to see how more complex shapes are put together. During which, I came across various models of  old computer & consoles!

Here’s a wireframe render of the my favorite 8-bit computers, the Commodore 64.

I’ve rendered the model using a single color and then added a light source at the top left to illuminate down to the bottom right.

With the textures added, the C64 is born!

…and to finish off, I added a mesh plane to the bottom of the scene and added various reflection properties to create the reflection/drop shadow effect.  – (also colored the power light in Photoshop).


3 responses to “Blender 3D – Commodore 64.

  1. Ah those were the days…

    …we had those at school – we used to play Blue Meanies on it, while we learnt ‘Basic’!

    Hope things are good with you – been out the loop for a while!


  2. Hello mate, nice to hear from you, hope you are all keeping well. Love the new look to your blog btw!

  3. Hi mate, we’re all mainly well – there’s a bit of family heath concern, but generally we’re all ok. Thanks – I think I’m happy with the look of the blog – but time will tell!

    I’m so impressed with your macro lens – the photographs you’ve taken are absolutely stunning – especially the bee! That was a definate case of “OMG that’s incredible!”…..

    …and I don’t even USE that phrase!


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