Sega Dreamcast VGA Box.

Without a doubt the best bit of 3rd party kit I’ve recently brought for my Sega Dreamcast console is a VGA conversion box. With this I can now connect my DC to a VGA PC monitor, projector or HDTV and have razor sharp 60mhz graphics instead of the a fuzzy RF connection.

To the right, we have composite and s-video output and on the left is a standard VGA D-sub connection as well as a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting to PC speakers/headphones etc. Finally on the front, there’s a selector switch to switch between the two connection types.

Once connected, the VGA box simply plugs into the AV socket on the rear of the Dreamcast.

Games look absolutely stunning, especially the likes of Soul Caliber and a host of shooters like Ikuragu and Zero Gunner.


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