Service resumes!

Phew, what a week, it’s not often I go a week with posting on my blog but it’s been a tad manic here this last week. It all started last weekend on the drive down to the Retro Computer Museum storage unit when I broke down and had to call out the R.A.C. A few problem with my car led to some even bigger problems and after taking it in to the local garage for the annual M.O.T., things were not looking good…not looking good at all.

Suffice to say, the failure sheet could have been published as a book, the list was that long!

So, rather than throw endless amount of £££ at it, we decide it was time to get another one. After hours upon hours pouring over various Auto classified websites and many phone calls, we’d narrowed our search down to a we wanted to inspect. Unfort, the one I really liked was in Cardiff and really didn’t fancy the six-hour round trip so that one was dismissed. I was quite surprised that from my list of twenty or so cars, all but three had been sold. It’s also a bit annoying to find out that the seller, who advertises as a trader with a flashy website and what looks to be a forecourt is in fact some back alley somewhere. Suffice to say I gave these ones a miss.

With a route map planned we headed out to see the first one.  On inspection, it looked pretty darn good, with all the relevant bits in all the right places (Curstie still doesn’t forgive me for buying an old Silver VW Scirroco many many moons ago – only because it looked so damn cool and I  though it looked like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, however, er-hmm when I got home (somehow) we discovered that half the engine was missing 🙂

After a test drive we had a winner, cash exchanged and we headed back home….thankfully without the wheels falling off 🙂

Although, car shopping had pretty much consumed all of our time this weekend, we’re both on annual leave next week so plenty of time to relax, catchup and visit a few places of interest….and boy do we need a rest.


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