Aladdins cave of retro computer goodies.

A few days ago I was kindly invited to visit the storage unit where the Retro Computer Museum holds their vast collection of computers, consoles and games etc.  Also, we’d planned to meet up with one of the forum members who had flown over from Australia on business and thought it would be great to finally meet the chap we’ve been talking to for years…and who happens to be one very talented chap in repairing old arcade PCB boards/computers.

Despite a bit of a nightmare of a a drive down and thinking that I’d missed everyone –  My car had stalled and spluttered to a halt right in the middle of a three lane multi junction, subsequent wait for an hour for the breakdown recovery service to arrive and then when fixed, my GPS deciding it didn’t want to play – I managed to track everyone down in the local pub.

Over lunch we had a great chat for a few hours and then headed back to the storage unit.

On entrance, I double backed – It was amazing. Rows upon rows of vintage computers & consoles. Shelves stacked four deep with game cassettes, cartridges and floppy disk. There were some really rare stuff in there too and not just the odd one, but multiples and in some cases in pristine condition.

Rows and rows of classic games

Sega Genesis/Megadrive anyone?

C64 Datasette and 1541 floppy disk drives

Commodore Amiga A500 stack

PC Engine HU-Cards

Microsoft Basic II for the Atari

Workbench including RCM’s  bartop MAME arcade machine.

Asked Richard if he had a SAM Coupe, replied ‘yep, quite a few of em’

Trio of Atari ST’s

How many Commodore C64’s!

Spectrum ‘rubber love’.

Had a wonderful time chaps and great to see everyone again.


4 responses to “Aladdins cave of retro computer goodies.

  1. Hey there Roger, thanks for the link, impressive stuff indeed! Sadly i don’t code z80 but have friends at the Retro Computer Museum that do.



  2. desperate to find someone who can persuade lcd to add hmpr bit 5&6 support for mode 3 interlaced animations for sam coupe
    also velesoft site was hoping snapper disc would load and run any 48k SNApshot on mgt disc into sim coupe with 1-4mb external ram paged in
    above 32768 48 code in this area should run at nearly 6mhz – though we may be able to add a couple of line interrupts to run the screen on/off using the border port screen off bit and the vmpr to alter the mode from 1 speccy compatible to 2-3or 4 which are the only ones that allow screen off
    there’s an article in one of Simon Owens’ sites about mode 1 contention to see why it might help but not much
    do you have email address

  3. I don’t I’m afraid but I’ll ask the chaps at the Retro Computer Museum and get back to you.

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