Virtual plane spotting.

I love random surfing around the internet, you never know where it will take you. For instance, the other day i stumbled across this incredibly fun site called RadarVirtuel –

Using Google Maps, RadarVirtuel allows you to track aircraft flights & flightpath in real time around the world. Simply select/zoom into an area on the global map and  select a aircraft icon to view aircraft details.  Details on the flight and aircraft are displayed as well as offering links to further information/photos of the actual aircraft.

I’ve had a lot of fun, tracking aircraft which enter the airspace around where we live and then going outside to watch them fly over! Geeky I know, but certainly worth a look 🙂

Tracking a Airbus A330 from Atlanta to Mumbai which looks like it it might fly over our house.

…and outside a few minutes later, there it is! –  Airbus A330-233, N853NW

Using the aircraft locater links of the website, you can browse photographs of the actual aircraft.


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