At the seafront.

Yesterday, by  early afternoon, temperatures were soaring and working in the greenhouse was becoming way to hot for comfort. On Curstie’s return from shopping  and equally looking hot we decided to hit the road and drive to the beach.

Living in the UK, the coast is never too far away and the nearest  is a beautiful drive through the countryside and on through the flat landscape of Lincolnshire that offer scenic views as far as the eye can see. At this time of day, most of the day- trippers would already be there so the roads were traffic free all the way.

We parked at the sea front, kicked off our shoes and headed towards the cool water of the sea. Higher up, the sand was quite hot, but wading through the water was so refreshing.

Back up on the pier, we dried off and watched the world go by. This chap looked like he was having fun and we watched as he hopped on to a long skateboard and  zipping around the beach. Looks like fun!

All this sea air works up an appetite, so a round of Fish & Chips was in order (and Donuts with Ice-Cream!). We ate them in the park and took a stroll around the ponds. O.k, not on a larger scale such as the one here, but one day, I’m going to extend our pond into something much bigger.

Flag Iris reflections.

Coming here in the eighties and early nineties, the arcade amusements were full of video games from Pac-Man to the latest Sega Daytona cabs and rows upon rows of pinball machines. Sadly, these are a thing of the past and have been replaced by slot machines or the latest interactive dance pads. Give me Space Invaders or Missile Command any day!

We left around 7pm and again, traffic was light all the way back. Thankfully everything was much cooler back home, and judging by the distant rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning, may be a touch cooler tomorrow!


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