Retro Gaming – Super Punchout (SNES)

I’ve always been a fan of the original Punch-Out! game in the arcade, the renamed NES port (originally Mike Tyson’s Punch-out before his fall from fame)..and to some extent a similar clone in the form of Frank Bruno’s boxing on the Commodore 64. So  in the mid nineties, when Super Punch-Out! was released for the Super Nintendo, I eagerly snapped it up and is one in my collection that I often return too.

Let’s get ready to rummmmbbbbllle – (oops, wrong game!)

First on the Minor Circuit is Gabby Jay. Perfect for a little warm up and practically a walking punch bag.

I love the oversized, colourful graphics encapsulated by my favorite opponent, Bear Hugger (or Canadian Crusher on the FBB on the C64). Just don’t hit him in the stomach (he’ll just stick his tongue out) and remember to duck when he swipes at you with both gloves.

Bald Bull is not particularly happy after a super punch to the stomach!

Dragon Chan ‘forgets’ the rule of boxing and decides that a flying kick might save him. Looking at the meter below you can see that I’m fully charged and will send him flying with a power upper cut when he lands – That’ll teach him the sneaky bogger!

As Little Mac waits, Masked Muscle  wishes he’d nipped to the gents before the match started.

Super Punch-Out! is easily in my top ten of SNES games and well worth hunting out if you’ve not played it. Via the magic of SNEmulDS, I’ve also able to carry a pocket version on my DS – albeit slight graphical glitches.


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