My new pivoting TFT monitor

I’d been thinking of buying a new TFT PC monitor for some time now as a replacement for my existing 17″ dual screen configuration I’ve been happy with this setup for some time now but have to admit, having a monitor bezel straight down the middle of your view is a little off-putting in certain cases.

My dual screen TFT setup.

Not wanting to reduce the overall width of my viewing area or increase the height too much (I spend a lot of time with Adobe Photoshop), a quick measurement with the tape measure indicated that something like a widescreen 22″-24″ would be perfect. Also at this size, side by side photo editing/comparisons would be ideal.

As well as all the usual desktop pc stuff that one usually does, I often read quite a lot of eBooks & .PDF documents on screen. Finding a TFT monitor that could rotate to a vertical position thus allowing comfortable full page viewing would be absolutely perfect (also, without shelling out for an expensive pivoting monitor stand).

….and, in addition, it goes without saying that I do like my old school gaming (a lot!) so to be able to play vertical  MAME arcade classics in their native orientation would be the icing on the cake!

It didn’t actually take too long to find what I was looking for, especially at a very reasonable price, so I ordered one at the weekend and today (after a bit of a mixup with my online account auto cancelling my order ??) it finally arrived.

Although I’ve not heard of the this brand before and was therefore a little skeptical, I’m actually really really pleased with it.

It’s has a 23.6″ widescreen display and has a native  (HD) resolution of 1920 x 1080. The build quality is very good with a heavy stand to stop it wobbling about. The height adjustment is very smooth, it could almost be pneumatic.

I choose the older style silver model as opposed to the more modern looking gloss black version as I’m forever wiping off fingerprints 🙂

Both standard VGA & DVI standards are accepted and it was nice to see dedicated cables for both were included as opposed to a VGA-DVI converter dongle.

After i’d removed the existing monitors – which took some time as i use cable tubing to keep everything nice & tidy, I plugged it in, flicked my pc on and went hunting for dead pixels – which thankfully there wasn’t 🙂

The OSD is accessible via the the touch sensitive buttons as the right side of the monitor which contained a wealth of controls for fine tuning the picture to my liking, as well lots of presets that are just a click away.

I’ve never actually installed drivers for a monitor before, always being contents with the O/S defaults, however, installing the software provides a little desktop app that mirrors the OSD controls and access to hot keys for screen orientation etc

Just behind the bottom left hand side of the monitor bezel is a USB port. This is linked internally to another port on the back of the screen which you connect to the PC via the supplied USB A – B cable. I’m guessing this is mainly for USB webcams etc but it useful to have a port close by for my memory card reader.

Now, here’s the best bit – sliding the screen upwards to give enough clearance from the base, the screen can be rotate.

Halfway there!

Full portrait mode.

Eager to try out full screen .pdf documents, I fired up FoxIt.

Perfect full screen without having to zoom or scroll.

..and saving the best until last, MAME!



Space Invaders

A couple of things I haven’t tried yet are firstly, the onboard speakers. I’m expecting these to be the usual ‘tinny’ affair but as before, I never use them anyways and will stick to my regular external speakers. Secondly, I needs to try it with my KVM. I pretty sure, being a fairly new one, that it’ll support the higher resolutions of this screen.

However, that can all wait….Tempest beckons!


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