Pictures from Retro Rewind

Here’s a few photos taken from this weekends ‘Retro Rewind’ – classic gaming event.

On of the many NEC PC Engine’s/TurboGrafx set up for play.

Sony MSX 1. Super Snake is a pretty descent ‘centipede’ clone.

Philips Videopac G7000

another PC Engine – Core Grafx. I’m thinking of getting one of these soon because of all the fantastic japanese shmups.

No event is complete without a Super Famicon! Shame I couldn’t find a Super Punch-Out cart, but Super Tennis is a cracking little game.

I first tried one of these quirky Nintendo Virtual Boy’s last year at Retro Reunited and fell in love with it. Play with it too long and your vision goes haywire! Would love to add one to my collection.

Although it’s probably not the best home conversion of the arcade classic, Operation Wolf on the Sega Master System played with the zapper light-gun is bags of fun.

A vintage Competition Pro joystick sits atop a Atari ST 1040 STe. Without a doubt, my fav joystick.

Big projector screen setup for for classic and newer gaming competitions.

Taking a break from gaming, time to see what’s bargains can be had….and there was lots!

More Gameboy carts tempting me!

I read about these somewhere – Retro Duo, able to play Nintendo NES and SNES games in one unit.

Taking a break at the bar, and found these retro handholds.

Retro Rewind was a great event, and I hope that Scott does another one. Next month it’s down to Leicester for the first of this years Retro Computer Museum events.


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