Retro Rewind

My tickets arrived for Retro Rewind today, the first of this years retro gaming events I’ll be attending. Set over two days (this weekend) and being only a hop, skip and jump away it should be a great time to relax and catch up with friends, sit down with some classic systems and prove my old school gaming skills in a variety of retro gaming tournaments. As always, I’ll be taking my camera along for the ride.

Here’s a list of  some of the computer/console systems that will be there –

  • Fairchild Channel F
  • Atari 2600
  • Intellivision
  • Colecovision (going to spend some time with this one!)
  • Spectrums
  • C64s
  • BBC Micros
  • Amstrad CPCs
  • Atari-8bit
  • MSX
  • NES
  • Atari ST
  • Amiga
  • PC Engine (and this one)
  • Turbografx
  • Master Systems
  • Archimedes (and these)
  • Game Gear
  • Lynx
  • Gameboys
  • SNES
  • Megadrive
  • 3D0
  • Phillips CDi
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Virtual Boy (and lots with this one, tried ‘tennis’ at last years Retro Reunited and loved it)
  • Amstrad GX4000 (hope they have a ‘Pang’ cart)
  • Neo Geo
  • Amiga CD32
  • Nintendo 64
  • PS1
  • Sega Saturn
  • Dreamcasts
  • PS2s
  • Gamecubes
  • 360
  • Wii
  • PS3

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