New ITX case ….well, almost

Midweek I ordered a new ITX PC case that I intend to use at a new NAS server. Now that it’s finished, I’ve since decided that my current server (see blog post ) will be utilised as a retro gaming, emulation & Mame PC. It just seems fitting to have a vintage computer peripheral reused as a retro gaming platform instead of a generic PC case.

I’ve been looking at alternative multi-emulator front-ends to Mamewah ( I use this in my arcade cabinet) such as  Maximus Arcade and Game Ex but one in particularly I’m keen to take a look at is Atomic FE. I’ll be posting about this  in the near future but for now, back to my new case!

Still wanting something smaller and no larger that my existing case, I’ve opted for this rather jazzy Noah 3988 case from

The case is supplied with an external laptop style power supply therefore removing the need for a noisy internal PSU which is perfect for a PC that could be potentially be on for many hours. In addition, I can fit a large capacity 3.5″ hdd in there with enough room for to install a slimline optic drive should I need to do so.

All good stuff , but as the title post says, ‘New ITX case…well almost’.

You see, an attempted delivery was made on Thursday but unfortunately I missed the courier. Yesterday was Good Friday and being an offical bank holiday, the depot was closed. I arranged to pick it up today and was just about the leave the house this morning when I got a call from a young lad at the depot who nervously explained that they’d be some kind of security alert  and that all parcels had been locked away pending investigation. He apologised profusely bless him but I have to admit, it was a little disappointing. With all the terrible weather of late, it would have been nice to work on it over the Easter holidays 😦

Of course, tomorrow is Easter Sunday followed by another bank holiday so it’s not going to be until Tuesday when I can collect it. Next time, I’ll buy from a store 🙂

When, I finally get it, I’ll post pictures and a build review.


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