DIY NAS box or off the shelf unit?

I’m considering either building another ITX based NAS box or to buy an off the shelf unit such as a Buffalo Linkstation or Drobo enclosure?


I’m swaying towards the DIY option as they’re so fun to build….but those Drobo units certainly look the business!

Should I opt for a  DIY solution, I’ll again be using a fanless EPIA ITX board that supports RAID and have the tiny O/S boot from CF card. I’ll probably be sticking with Freenas ( as the O/S because I’ve been using it for years now and am quite satisfied that it does everything I want from a NAS box. However, i’ll also be looking at a few alternatives such as Openfiler which I haven’t used for some time now – (

To keep noise levels to a mere whisper and retain as much  space inside the case I’ll be using a Mini DC-DC PSU board with external laptop mains adapter like the one below –

Details of my previous NAS build can be found here –


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