Trackmania United Video

I’ve just been messing around with the video mode on my Fuji 5800 so thought I’d post a quick video of yours truly getting some ‘air’ on my favorite Trackmania United track on my PC – played out to one of my favorite music tracks.

I’ve been using Windows XP since it’s release and have yet to find a use for Windows Movie Maker. It’s one of the applications I usually uninstall after a fresh install (or remove completely if slipstreaming). However i’m finding it really useful for quick video edits like this to add music and the odd text overlay. I think I’ll leave it installed for the time being 🙂

I’m sure that most PC gamers have heard of and/or played the Trackmania titles especially as they’ve been out for ages now. If you haven’t then I really recommend that you give it a go. If you head over to the Trackmania website, you can download Trackmania Nations for free.

I’ve also been hooked on the Nintendo DS port recently and although I found the controls a little sensitive, credit has to go to the coders who managed squeeze this little gem on to the DS and still kept the frame rate up.


2 responses to “Trackmania United Video

  1. Awesome video, especially the Song!! My favourite song too, actually their whole ‘Black’ album!!

    Saw on twitter you got your lens! YAY for the new lens!!
    Looking forward to seeing some nice images, think you’ll love the shallow DOF capabilities! 🙂

  2. Thanks Gene, ooo-yes, really enjoying f1.8 and being able to set ridiculously fast shutter speeds in low light and getting great tack sharp shots. Can’t wait for daylight to really give it a go.

    This is my first prime lens so it seemed a bit strange not have a zoom ring. I keep trying to find it 🙂

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