CES 2010 product wishlist

I’ve been following the coverage of this years Consumer Electronics show via various tech news sites,  TWiT podcasts & Revision3 video casts and amongst the plethora of products unveiled,  a couple have really caught my attention.

1# Sensia Digital Audio Systemhttp://www.touchmyradio.com/

‘Sensia is a revolutionary internet-connected digital audio system with Flow technology and a large colour touchscreen, giving you a unique way to enjoy internet radio content and podcasts, DAB and FM radio stations, your own music collection via Wi-Fi, online apps and unique broadcast material’

This is just what I’ve been looking for the kitchen. I see they have them for sale at John Lewis already. Next time in town, I’ll definitely be taking a look.

#Lenovo Ideapad U1 Hybrid – http://shop.lenovo.com/us/landing_pages/products/new-product-showcase

Here’s a novel idea – Take one 11.6″ laptop running MS Windows 7, and make the screen detachable. When you detach the (HD) screen, that portion becomes a lightweight tablet running Lenovo’s Skylight Linux operating system! Fantastic idea, sort of a laptop, tablet & portable e-book reader in one. Ever since my works HP TX1000 tablet laptop died, I’ve been looking for a similar tablet netbook. If the price is right, the Lenovo U1 is something I’ll defiantly be looking at when it’s released in June.


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