Christmas toys, my childhood favorites.

With Christmas day rapidly approaching, my thoughts go to the many happy Christmases I enjoyed as I child it got me thinking about all those amazing toys & games both me & my brothers received from Santa growing up in the late 70’s & 80’s.  Here’s a run down of my favorites received over the years thanks to Mum, Dad & of course the big man himself.

PowerTrack Race & Chase

My sister stood on the Corvette on boxing day & the headlights never lit again. Our Race and Chase set is still somewhere in my parents loft. Maybe after 30 years, I’ll get them working again?

LEGO – Space

Beta-1 Command Base, best present for me aged 7

I still have the ‘TV screen’ LEGO piece in my study drawer:-)


Kenner Star Wars Action Figures

Tauntaun – Complete with open belly slit for sticking all kinds of crap inside

Speeder Bike -I loved this one, and just like the TV commercial, spent many happy hours under the table with them.

Action Man – The moment he was taken out the box, his war started. He was buried in the garden many times by our family dog, lost a leg and then endured the pain of my dad ‘glueing’ it back on by melting the plastic with a soldering iron and the humiliation of being forced to attend my older sisters tea parties with her ‘Sindy’ dolls!

Commodore C64

Probably the best home computer I’ve ever owned. I have a confession, I actually knew that I was getting this for Christmas because I’d found it hidden in my parents wardrobe a few weeks before.  They never understood why I was so ill with excitement on Christmas Eve.

New Bike

What Christmas would be complete without a new bike? My first was a Raleigh Budgie & my favorite has to be the Raleigh Chopper


I think my list could go on & on here but some of my favorites were

Mouse Trap, Downfall, Ghost Castle, Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, Hungry Hippos & Cluedo.


Every year we would receive one or two book annuals. Mostly they were either the  Beano or Dandy but also Star Wars, Buck Rogers, 2000AD or Eagle.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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