Snow at last!

Well, not here anyways but thanks to WordPress I now have snow on my blog at least!

It’s actually sunny & blue skies here but bitterly cold. The garden thermometer reads zero & boy does it feel like it. Wrapped up in as many jumpers I can find, I’ll be out there this afternoon doing a few odd jobs. Note to myself, the conifers are really starting to get a little to tall – must sort them out next year.

The pond is pretty much frozen apart from about a quarter where the pumps are still keeping the water moving. Likewise the barrel pond is completely frozen with what  must be at least be 2″ of ice.

Our last Christmas present orders arrived from Amazon yesterday so we’ve just got these last few to wrap & then that’s the shopping all done. I didn’t have much hope for the contents inside the battered box when it arrived because it looked like it’d been chewed up by the sorting machine…twice. Thankfully the contents had survived intact.

Right, one last cuppa & then I’m heading out….I might be some time 🙂


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