R4 Revolution Cartridge arrived.

My R4 cartridge arrived today which I’m looking forward to trying out on my new Nintendo DS come this 25th (that’s assuming that DS shaped package under the Christmas tree actually contains a DS!). This popular homebrew device allows the DS to become much more that a hand-held gaming console.

Included in the box, is the R4 cart, a 4gb MicroSD card, MicroSD card reader,  software & strap. The latter I presuming is a spare strap for the DS?

There’s a quite a few things I’m keen to try out.

Moonshell, a multimedia player – http://www.ds-xtra.com/MoonShell. – I listen/watch quite a few audio & video podcasts from the TWiT & Revision3 networks.

DS port of the popular Commodore C64 emulator http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/Frodoc64.shtml.

There’s also some great looking homebrew titles out there and being a fan of the Beats of Rage series on my Dreamcast I’ll defiantly be giving the DS ports a try.

There also appears to be a healthy ‘remake’ scene on the web so it’ll be fun to try out various clones of popular arcade games.

I’m also hoping to convert some of my favorite LucasArt point ‘n’ click adventure games to run via ScummVm DS. Portable Secret of Monkey Island & Day of the Tentacle…oh yes!


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