USB Mini Plasma Ball

I love USB powered gizmos. Whether it’s a coffee mug warmer, RC Helicopter or USB powered rocket launcher I’m a sucker for them.

I was out shopping for stocking fillers the other day and came across this fantastic USB powered Plasma Ball in our local Tesco. I have no affiliation with Tesco (I don’t even do our weekly shop there) but for a mere £5, makes a fantastic desktop toy.  I’ve brought one as a gift and after testing it (just to be sure it works…honest) I’m tempted to buy a few more!

The globe measures about 3″ & sits on a small pedestal which again I’m guessing is about 3″ high. Simply plug into a spare USB point, flick the on switch & prepare for the light show.

Desktop Disco

How cool is this!

Taken with a 10 sec shutter speed…Eye of Sauron?

Link to a You Tube video –


3 responses to “USB Mini Plasma Ball

  1. Very Cool! It’s amazing how small yet bright and responsive for only 5v..
    See my Plasma Ball from the early 80’s on YouTube.. 🙂


  2. Please be very careful with these, they shatter like glass and I’ve just brought my son from hospital after having pieces removed from his hand

  3. Hi Jenny, thanks for the warning and best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery.

    Kind regards


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