Retro Computer Museum open day Nov ’09

Yesterday saw the second RCM open day of the year (excluding the members only retro-fest in July) and on entrance my immediate attention was drawn to sounds of arcade machines lined up & a Williams Congo pinball table.

IMG_5981 (1024x683)

Those would have to wait until later as I wanted to have a good look round and chew that fat with a few RCM members. This second event looked even bigger than last May with some huge range of old/new consoles and computers.

IMG_5909 (1024x654)

As always, plenty of Retro game goodies on offer compared to eBay’s often inflated prices. I manged to pick up a few Retro Gamer Magazines to fill the holes in my collection. A couple of Vectrex Carts caught my eye too.

IMG_5895 (1024x669)

Time for some gaming, Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar), Panzer Dragoon (Sega Saturn), Kikstart (CBM C16), Dropzone (Atari 800) to name but a few.

Like most retro computer events, I’m always interested to take a look at the ecliptic range of home brew storage devices. Take this, it’s a SD card based floppy drive emulator. Simply put, store game files on SD card and load them direct. No more hunting for floppy disks/disk swapping.

IMG_5889 (1024x637)

Here’s a couple more interesting devices

Atari 2600 rom scanner

IMG_5887 (1024x683)

Amstrad PC/Sega Megadrive

IMG_5976 (676x1024)

..and one mother of a controller.

IMG_5882 (1024x683)

After lunch, the Bomberman competition began. I’m not particularly good and lost out on round one but it was fun all the same – Will practise more for next time. Big Steve won the compo.

IMG_5927 (683x1024)

I was there all day and stayed behind to help pack up the systems. Heaving those huge arcade machines into the van was thirsty work but the reward was worth it – I got to take a peak at the owners private collection.  There must have been over 50 odd  arcade machines in there….. I was in heaven.

Got back home around 9pm grinning ear to ear. Got a few goodies still in my car boot so will having a look later.

I’ve also uploaded a large collection of photo’s from yesterdays events to my Flickr account so feel free to take a look

IMG_5991 (787x1024)RCM Nov ’09 – Best retro event this year.


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