I’m still here!

Oops, another week gone and still not many posts. It’s been a little busy here these past few weeks spending most of the weekends shopping for a new car for Curstie. On one such trip we had drove nearly 80 odd miles to visit a car dealership which, according to the website, appeared like any other car forecourt. However, on arrival it was someones house!  Not amused, especially as our Sat Nav directed us through a city centre on a busy afternoon with plenty of roadworks, diversions, wind, heavy rain and steamed up windows to content with.  Accelerate, clutch, change gear, clutch, break, clutch, gear, hand break,  etc etc. Do this about 10 times every 100 meters for about 5 hours and you get the picture..ouch!

Any-ho, we picked up her car on Wens and dispite leaving my house keys at the showroom by mistake and having to drive another 70 odd miles to pick them up the next day (another Frank Spencer moment there) all is good again.

The garden is in need of a tidy up after the Autumn fall so it’s out with the leaf blower tomorrow and a clean up of the last crops in the greenhouse & veggie beds.  I wonder, is it best for beds that aren’t in use for winter crops to cover them with a  weed-proof membrane or leave as they, performing a little light weeding where appropriate?

I’m also still in the middle of migrating media files from our old HTPC to the new one now running Windows 7 and of course, with Halloween only a day away i’ve got my Pumpkin to carve!

Lastly, a new present on the way (dependant on Royal Mail’s stike action) in the form of a homebrew Vectrex cartridge containing the entire game catalogue, homebrew games and scene demos all on one handy cartridge. I’ve seen these fetch up to £100 on eBay but got mine for £19.99. It’s a ‘nude’ PCB therefore will have to find suitable housing case for it but as it is, will work without.


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