Windows 7 installed and running.

I’ve had Microsoft’s Windows 7 running on my PC for a few days now since picking up a copy of Home Premium during last weeks worldwide release.

I won’t write out a huge in-depth review here as there’s probably hundreds of similar reviews all over the internet toting on about MS’s new OS. What i will say is how happy i am with it, the fact that it works with all my hardware and how I’m loving all the little things that make using my PC a pleasure.

I’m currently in the process of installing it on our Media PC and look forward to using the new slicker MCE frontend. Just a shame I’ve got to copy over 1tb worth of data off the old HTPC IDE HDD to my new 2tb SATA drive.

I’ll always be a tux fan, but not since Win XP, I can proudly announce again…i’m pc 🙂

For further information, I’d highly recommend popping over to Paul Thurrotts Supersite for Windows.


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