My Vectrex – Retro gaming chic

Many of the older gaming consoles from the early seventies through to the mid eighties have always appeal to me and one that I’ve always wanted to own is a Vectrex. Unlike other consoles requiring connection to a TV, the Vectrex unique design incorporates its own black and white CRT designed to display vector based graphics.

First released in 1982 it didn’t do to well and was discontinued after a relatively short period in 1984. Only a limited number of software titles were ever released but thanks to cult following of retro gamers, many more homebrew titles and demos have since been released.

IMG_5668 (1024x683)

After a sweat inducing countdown of one i spotted on eBay, the was the winner bidder and collected it from the seller last weekend. Not only is the Vectrex is a very good condition, it came with multiple controllers (which i hear are becoming quite rare), several boxed games, instruction booklets and the transparent screen overlays used to pseudo color to black and white game titles.

Here’s the basic unit, with one of the control panels tucked away in the bottom slot making for a nice compact machine.

IMG_5623 (683x1024)

Each controller incorporates a very responsive analogue joystick and four fire buttons

IMG_5626 (1024x733)

IMG_5624 (1024x683)

Here’s some of the game cartridges, game boxes and instruction manuals

IMG_5630 (1024x821)

IMG_5631 (683x1024)

IMG_5632 (1024x683)

Right, a quick read of the instructions, not that there’s much to it and off we go!

IMG_5634 (1024x679)

Actually, i didn’t insert a game cartridge as the Vectrex comes with a build in Asteroids clone – Mine Sweeper, which is rapidly becoming a very addictive game!

IMG_5643 (683x1024)

These still shots don’t do the silky smooth movement of the vector graphics any justice!

IMG_5641 (683x1024)

Tine to add some ‘colour’ using one of the transparent overlays.

IMG_5677 (683x1024)

…and off we go again in stunning neon blue!

IMG_5648 (683x1024)

A rather crude looking vector pinball game but actually plays quite well!

IMG_5662 (669x1024)

Many after market and homebrew cartridges have been released on one i’ll be getting  soon contains the entire Vectrex game catalogue was well as many modern homebrew games and demos all stored on one cartridge.

IMG_5620 (720x1024)


3 responses to “My Vectrex – Retro gaming chic

  1. Gotta love the Vectrex! I love showing mine to friends. Just got my 3-D Imager working…super rad. No one knows about these rare systems except collectors, and everyone always comments that it’s a super advanced video game console for it’s time!

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