Smoke Free?

I quit smoking at the beginning of last week and so far so good.  I had one iffy evening climbing the walls mid week but I’m starting to get through the day without actually thinking of cigarettes…it’s a weird feeling that I can’t describe but the sense of achievement seems to be ever more addictive. It’s early days yet but I’m feeling  more positive with each passing day.

For me, here’s the methods that seem to be working –

A) Really really really wanting to give up.

B) Writing down on our calendar each day how much I would have spent on cigarettes ( i worked this out at £150 per month/£1800 per year!) Curstie quit  last month so this is an annual saving of approx £3600.

C) Keep myself manically busy, whether it’s at home or work.

D) Plan ahead and find alternatives to smoking at key points of the day. For example, I usually have one straight after dinner, now I go for a walk around the garden and feed the fish.

E) Doing more of the things that make me happy including treating myself regulaly (new camera gear!).

Hope I can keep going 🙂


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