PC/Emulator joysticks

I was browsing eBay yesterday morning and came across this interesting USB PC controller. At only £6.99 (+ shipping) i’m not expecting build quality to be very high but I’m curious enough to take a look so I’ve ordered one.


It looks like it would be perfect for desktop MAME and the many other emulator I use especially if i can program the five buttons at the top to work within MAME’s frontend.

I’ve also ordered a USB PC version of  classic Competition Pro 5000 joystick I use with my Commodore Amiga & C64. By far the best joystick around during the late eighties/early nineties (but not until the ropey leaf switches were replaced with micro-switches later on). This reissue has been fitted  with modern USB trickery for connection to PC and should be fun to use with the likes of WinUAE or Vice64.

Original Competition Pro 5000 (clear version)

IMG_comp (Large)

New USB version (note two extra buttons) c/o Amazon.



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