Mame cab weekend?

I think I’ve got a fairly free weekend coming up so hopefully I’ll get chance to try again with repairs to my TX1000 laptop. If successful, I’ll post my results.

I’ve also acquired a few more bits for my MAME cab so hopefully I’ll also get chance to begin working on it again. The first job is to raise the whole cab by a good 6″ or so. Being a lot taller now than as a child visiting the amusement arcades my eye line is almost level with the cab marquee and light i.e. not great for gaming with a bulb light shining in my face.

I’m aiming build a new wooden skirt around the bottom for the cab to sit on. Not only will this raise the overall height but I can also fit caster wheels to make it easier to move around. Screw-fix seem to have a fairly good selection so a little shopping trip might be in order.

I’ve also been thinking about the layout of the new Control Panel. Originally I was going for a six button combination but to be honest I think four should be plenty (plus 1up/2up/coin and MAME control/Shift button). Granted, Street Fighter II-est games are better with six, but I’m not really a fan and most of the classic Shmups I play are 1-2 buttons anyway. If I change my mind later, I got about twenty surplus buttons anyway. My next decision, button colour!


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