HP Tx1000 repairs, big bang time.

The past few evening have been quite hectic and I haven’t had chance to finish off my laptop repairs. However, this evening I had a little free time to perform the last few jobs and to see if repairs have had any effect.

o.k, after re seating  the GPU back onto the motherboard (see last post), there’s one more mod to perform before putting everything back together. Remember the penny I soaked in Tomato Ketchup? We’ll….this will be sandwiched between the GPU and the heat sink which, apparently is supposed to increase the thermal cooling process.

Using a tube of ‘Arctic Silver 5’ Thermal Compound, I but a fairly big dollop on top of the GPU and another regular sized blob onto the CPU. The coin would sit onto of the GPU hence more compound was used to ensure that the compound filled in all the bumps and ridges of the coin without leaving any gaps.

Satisfied that everything looked o.k., next in line was the laborious task of putting everything back together. I’m glad i kept the separate sized screws labeled as it would have been quite easy to get them mixed.

With the whole laptop assembled back together (without any spare screws left over 🙂 I plugged in the mains adaptor, crossed my fingers and waited for the big bang…..nothing, not a lit LED, spin of the fan…nadder 😦

A bit miffed, but still determined I disassembled the laptop again and it’s here when I discovered I’d not plugged in the connection from the power button to the motherboard….doh!

What seems like ages later (I’d dropped a screw and it had  rolled under the fridge) I was ready for take two.

This time the LED’s lit, the fan whirled and I was greeted by the familiar Windows start up screen…yeeeeees!

After a victory lap around the kitchen table I settled down to log on for the first time in months. Unfort after about an hour and a half, the screen went blank and the laptop shut down and wouldn’t restart 😦

Going back to the forum comments, people had commented on a first time fix but others stating that they had to try it two of three times. I think what my problem is that I’ve not heated the chip sufficient enough to seat the GPU correctly…or maybe whilst in use it’s becoming to hot again and popping back out again?

Next time I’ll try either a heat gun rather than lamp or attempt to unsolder the entire GPU and refit with lead free solder. Maybe an extra fan attached to the rear air vents to help extract the hot air might help?

Would be really interested to hear if anyone had had similar luck with this ‘Voodoo’ fix.

We’ll meet again!



10 responses to “HP Tx1000 repairs, big bang time.

  1. If you do bring that thing back to life I think you deserve a new nick name. If Mr B is the Oracle you must be the Witch doctor. Only you could mend a broken laptop with ketchup and a penny but then you did mend a hard disk by putting it in the freezer then getting it out and dropping it on the floor

  2. Hi there, I just went through the same process of taking my laptop apart, i used a heat gun on the gpu, and a penny between the gpu and the heat sink.
    When i turned it on, the problem seemed to be fixed, hp sign came on first time.
    the problem is now that the computer overheats, and shuts off autoatically. I think the penny is too thick to fit properly between the heatsink and the gpu.
    I am going to try again with a piece of led that matches the width completely, and hopefully that might fix it
    never buying HP again though

  3. Glad you had some success. I read somewhere that someone had taken a small PC fan, modded to accept power from the USB port and attached it to the heatshield vents at the rear of the laptop. It looked ugly but at least it works.

    I’ll probably stick to Dell next time.

  4. Hi! Have you found a fix yet. I am experiencing the same thing with my tx1000 laptop. it works when it is not plugged in, but when I plug it in power outlet, after a few minutes, it turns off automatically.

  5. Hi Francis, I’m sorry to hear that you’re also having problems with your own TX1000 😦

    After a second attempt the ‘penny’ trick as described in my post, all seemed to be working fine for abut a month. However, sadly it will no longer switch on therefore, when i get time i will be trying a third time and also fit a USB based fan to the exhaust vents on the side of the notebook.

    Hope you managed to get yours working soon.

    Kind regards


  6. Hey there, I’m glad you’ve managed to get it going in the end. The HP TX series were fantastic, its just a shame they cooked to death 🙂

    Kind regards


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