HP tx1000 repairs – Part II, how many screws?

O.k., armed with my tools, materials, You Tube guide ported to my PDA and a service manual downloaded from HP’s website I set about trying out this voodoo laptop repair.

Firstly, I took a pre 1982 penny coin and immersed it in Tomato Ketchup for about 10 minutes to remove years of mucky deposit. This would help to provide better copper conduct for the Heat-sink.

All grubby


Much nicer now…and smells of Tomato:-)


Setting the penny aside, I started disassembling the laptop. The battery, dvd drive, memory and hard disk simply popped out with minimal fuss.

IMG_4583 (1024x683)

Next, I removed all of the fixing screws from the bottom of the laptop, placing them into piles so I wouldn’t forget where the different sized screws came from. Just when I thought I’d got them all, I found another. The screw pile was getting very large!

With the case now screwless, I lifted the keyboard out and disconnected it’s ribbon cable from the motherboard.

IMG_4587 (1024x683)

The case top is made of two parts, the first lower half containing the thumb pad/buttons simply lifted away but the top part was a little trickier. According to the service manual, I had to twist the display 45 degrees and twist the case counter clock wise. It took a few attempts but I got there in the end. With the case removed, I could now disconnect the display unit and all other motherboard connections.

The display mount was a simple two screw affair and much simpler to remove than any other laptop I’ve worked on although one of the three connection plugs (to the motherboard) was a bit fiddly.

With the bulk of the display removed, it was less awkward to work on removing the remaining motherboard connection plugs like the power, LED light and wireless card socket.

After hour an hour and an even bigger pile of screws everything had been removed and ready for the next part.

IMG_4588 (1024x683)

Right, time to remove the heat-sink and begin the repair job. I’m going to stop here for a bit as it’s such a nice day outside – first in a what seems a month of continual rain! I’ll continue/post part III later on.

IMG_4591 (1024x683)


4 responses to “HP tx1000 repairs – Part II, how many screws?

  1. hello..
    i had my tx1000 repaired by myself too..coz a black blank screen on boot..
    indeed, it has a lot of screw..
    and i got it from my sister but the hard drive was taken by her boyfriend..d*mn..
    so i bought a second hand WD hard drive,,from a friend actually,,but it didn’t have the connector to the mainboard..
    but i want to ask, is it any case needed for this hdd??or it just need the connector..

  2. Hello there

    From memory i think you can get away without having HDD case (caddy) but you will need the correct connector. Personally, if you can find one, i’d try to get a caddy as the HDD might slide about a bit in side the laptop.

    I’ve just checked eBay and there’s quite a few spare caddy/connectors for the TX1000 for sale that should meet your needs.



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