Windows 7 family pack licencing deal.

Just read this on various sites regarding the proposed three license ‘family pack’ of Windows 7.


‘Regarding the Windows 7 Family Pack, Microsoft has now confirmed a number of details about this packaging. The Windows 7 Family Pack provides a Setup disc and three product keys for Windows 7 Home Premium, providing you with the ability to legally install the product on three PCs. It will cost just $149.99 in the US (C$199.99 in Canada), a significant savings over three Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade boxes. But here’s where the catch comes: Microsoft says it is only offering the Family Pack “until supplies last.” That’s right, it’s a temporary offer.

It gets worse. The Windows 7 Family Pack won’t be offered at all in many markets, and in some others–like Europe–there apparently won’t be a Family Pack offer until 2010. I haven’t been able to confirm the full country listing for Family Pack as of this writing’

Source =


Damn shame it’s looking like the deal might now be available over here in the UK 😦


One response to “Windows 7 family pack licencing deal.

  1. So long as it’s not like the multi buy pack of CA anti virus licences I bought for the family. I was supposed to get a 3 pack and only got one key so I complained and they sent me three then when I reinstalled my machine it wouldn’t let me use the code again on the same machine it was on to begin with. I got three months worth out of it if i was lucky and then gave it up as a bad job and went with AVG. I’d have gone with AVG in the first place but AVG didn’t have a free vista product at the time and CA was cheap. If I hear the pricing on Windows 7 is any good in the middle east I might have to wangle a week in Dubai to bring a suitcase full of windows licences back. Gone are the days of duty free booze and fags it’s all about the software now 🙂

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