Dukeries Rally 2009

This morning I visited Sherwood Pines Forest to watch rally cars compete in the 50th annual Dukeries Rally. The event offers 44 stage miles throughout the Sherwood Forest area of Nottingham.

I took both my lens but this morning I mainly used my 300mm telephoto as the spectator areas were still quite far away from the track edge.

It was also a very hot  morning and the stage were very dusty, thankfully I’d chosen a spot on the inside of a sharp corner so most of the dust and stones were being thrown away from me.

Here’s a small selection of the pictures I took –

IMG_2898 (1024x643)

IMG_2879 (1024x678)

I don’t remember taking the shot below but I certainly remember the stone that whizzed by my ear !

IMG_2965 (1024x692)

Collision with a hay bale

IMG_2927 (1024x684)

The historic rally car section was a little light this year and only a handful cars were competing.

IMG_2956 (1024x684)

This little Metro 6R4 didn’t half move!!

IMG_2979 (1024x684)

Come October, I’ll be back here for the Sherwood Pines Rally –  An event that I’ve been visiting for the past six years and being late autumn, the stages are very muddy and make for some great photo’s.


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