A look inside Microsoft’s ‘Digital Home’.

Quoted from the BBC technology website – ‘Microsoft’s new home of the future shows how the company plans to incorporate technology into more areas of life over the next decade’.

The digital wallpaper and interactive kitchen counter top are fantastic!


I’ve been thinking about putting a very small form factor or all in one PC in the kitchen for a while now.  Something along the lines digital signage media displays you see in supermarkets or reception areas.

I like the idea of having a display showing the latest news RSS ticker, weather widgets and live TV whilst making breakfast. Even better it it was on a touch screen display.

I often use my laptop in the kitchen when cooking up something different and have the recipe or recipe video up in front of me.

Something like the new Eee Top PC from Asus seems to a step in the right direction and is something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Eee Top1

Eee Tophttp://www.asus.com/ProductGroup1.aspx?PG_ID=7dDelmkESu9DXgVB


One response to “A look inside Microsoft’s ‘Digital Home’.

  1. Looks impressive but I wouldn’t want to live in a place like that. Turning every surface in your home into an interactive display is just a bit too much for me. I can just imagine eating dinner on a blue screen of death dining table. I defintly wouldnt trust a windows box to do all that. I’ve got no fashion sence now but would you trust software from MS to make those decisions for you. Every man will end up dressed like Bill Gates. Good news for makers of tank tops I’m sure. James was saying today how someone he knows wouldnt have a computer untill it could make toast for him. Perhaps this would be able to make toast for you who knows.

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