Spring cleaning my PC’s

The predicted rain didn’t fall this morning so after washing our cars this morning I thought I’d have a leisurely afternoon on my PC. Continuing with the ‘cleaning’ theme I thought I’d  try out a new Windows tune up utility funnily enough entitled Tuneup utilities 2009 –http://www.tuneup-software.co.uk/products/tuneup-utilities/

I don’t usually go for utilities like this as I generally keep my Windows boxes is tip top condition myself. Back then in the days of  Windows 98/2000 I used to use Norton System Works but nowadays I avoid Norton products like the plague…don’t get me started on Norton Anti-virus….shudder !!

I can see why the little app is very popular and likewise received many great reviews from various computer magazines and sites.

I ran through the various scans which seemed to zip along without crippling my PC. A reboot later I can defiantly see an improvement.

Here’s a quick list of features –

  • Intelligent Defragmentation
  • Startup Manager
  • Registry cleaner
  • Memory optimizer
  • Speed optimizer
  • Free disk space
  • Comprehensive performance log/system information (seems better than Everest)
  • Uninstall Manager
  • Shortcut cleaner
  • Disk Doctor/Utilities
  • File Shredder
  • Windows GUI customiser – Change Boot, Logon screens and desktop icons etc
  • Process Manager

It’s a fantastic little amalgamation of useful apps for those looking for a one click to fix or for those power users like me who like to tinker.


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