MS Windows 7 Release Candidate released for public download.

Today, Microsoft have made available the release candidate of Windows 7 for public download. It’s available in both 32bit and 64bit flavours.

Expect the d/load servers to be running slow though- you could always try Bit Torrent?

I’ve been running the various 32-bit beta releases for a few months now and am so far loving the redesigned O/S. It’s well worth checking out if you have a spare PC or hard drive. Don’t forget it’s still in the early stages so don’t use it for really important stuff…just in case !!

I’m currently downloading this latest release and will be taking it for a test run over the next few weeks. I’m especially looking forward to seeing what all this ‘Virtual Windows XP mode’ is all about.

PC mag have written a intersting review of the RC and well worth checking out if you’re curious.,2817,2345970,00.asp

Interestingly enough, MS could be looking at providing multi based ‘family licensing’ models due to the fact that most average households now own more than one PC. It makes sense really i.e. buy one copy of Windows and pay a reduced amount for additional licences rather than having to pay top dollar for each stand alone product. I’m guessing that this wouldn’t include OEM builds though?


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