Retro Gaming Event – May 31st

The guys that run the Retro Computer Museum are having an opening day and aim to have all manner of classic computers and consoles setup for a day of retro gaming.

I came across this site by chance and noted that the event is not very far away. I’ve marked the event in my diary and will be taking along my camera too.

Sounds like I’ll be needing my custom Quickshot II joystick after all!!

I hope they manage to get a Vetrex setup.


2 responses to “Retro Gaming Event – May 31st

  1. You lucky thing you!

    I remember the old Quickshot – I had one for my Spectrum years ago! As well as a thermal printer I had too.

    I originally got my Spectrum 48k in 1981 from a schoolmate who’s dad worked for Sinclair!

    I occasionally find retro gaming emulators and have a bit of fun – remember ‘Skool Daze’ , Jet Set Willy and all those other fantastic games?

  2. I never owned a Spectrum until now. I remember playing ‘Target Renegade’ on my friends Speccy +2 which was much better than the C64 version…never admitted it though!

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