Public release of Windows 7 RC

Microsoft have updated their website indicating  the public release of Windows 7 RC build will be available for download on 5th May.

I also read about an interesting Windows 7 feature this evening and just tried it out on my test build –   If like me, you have multiple windows open all over the desktop and want minimise them all bar the one you want to use, simply move the mouse to the top of the window you want to focus on, hold down the left mouse button and ‘shake’ the window. This will minimise all other windows to the Taskbar. Shake again to maximise them all again.

Granted it’s a bit of eye candy but damn useful. Now…if only Curstie would let me buy another TFT monitor I could have a dual screen setup and wouldn’t have to have a cluttered desktop 🙂

MS should implement virtual desktop routines similar to most Linux distros.



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