Printing my Photo collection.

I’ve just been sorting/archiving my digital photo collection which is growing rapidly since I brought my Canon DSLR. Up until this time I only had about 4GB of photo’s, it’s now over 35GB.

I usually only print the odd one here and there mainly because ink cartridges are so expensive. My father uses digital print services offered Kodak, Jessops and Boots so I might give them a try. Certainly a lot easier that spending a day next to the printer churning out page after page.

My ISP appears to have teamed up with Photobox, an online printing service who are offering discount to it’s customer base. I’m just playing about with their java based photobook wizardy thing. I think I might treat myself to one (or four!) later this year – Sort of a yearly record of my best photos?

photoboxI know these have been out for a while now but i didn’t realise how customizable they were. You can choose from a variety of styles, colours, add custom text, page layouts and come in a variety of sizes from 5-7″ flick books to A4 and A3 coffee table books.


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