Lazy Sunday morning….in cyberspace!

Now this is what I’ve needed…a few hours away from the tussle of daily life sitting in my big fat comfy chair losing my myself in a great book.

Currently I’m reading Neuromancer, a SciFi cyberpunk novel by William Gibson and one of my favourite books. I must have read it at least 20 odd times and it’s really starting to look a little battered – the way a good book should look!


This is the 1995 edition I’m currently reading. A quick google shows there’s been well of eighty different covers!

1st-coverHere’s a copy of the 1st paperback edition. I wonder if I can find it on eBay?

I won’t go into the plot lines as there are may more websites and blogs dedicated in full to this and many more of Gibson’s books (although I’d recommend the fantastic entry at Wikipedia).  All I can say is, for those who haven’t encountered this author before, I highly recommend giving Neuromancer a spin.

I hoping that, if rumours are true about a possible screen adaption, they don’t waste it like the gawd awful Johnny Mnemonic movie.


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