An unlikely place for a PC Wallpaper.

Curstie often goes into town with ‘the ladies’ (her mum Pauline and Auntie Betty) on Saturday mornings and this time I tagged along to pick up a few garden supplies. They split up for half an hour as Curstie needed to visit the opticians and her mum wanted to shop for curtains. Not much of a choice for me but not wanting to split the party into three, I went with Pauline.

I found myself in the corner of the shop where they has rolls of fabric on display and one in particular caught my eye. I had my camera with me (see yesterdays tilt-shift post) and whipped off a few shots whilst no one was looking –  thinking I could show Curstie later on because I know she would have liked the design and the fact she was having new contacts fitted therefore probably couldn’t see anything!  It wasn’t until this evening whilst transfering my photos to PC, I thought how cool it looks as a desktop wallpaper.

Here it is –



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