Server Quest II

Remember the fantastic Sierra Quest adventure games from the eighties and nineties? Microsoft have released ‘Server Quest II’, a spin off to these great games about the life and troubles of a hapless IT technician – for which I can personally sympathise. It’s a bit cheesy in places and totally created to advertise Microsoft’s wares, however it’s a bit of retro fun well worth checking out.

Here’s the link (you’ll need to install MS Silverlight plugin)

server-quest-IIMind that fibre !!

server-quest-ii_bNotice the ‘I’m a PC’ box 🙂

This brings back so many happy memories of lost hours hunched over my Commodore Amiga playing Police Quest 1 and the Space Quest series (I never liked Leisure Suit Larry).

I thinking an evening with Dosbox is in order!


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