More HDD blues

Last night I thought I’d install the SATA to IDE adaptor allowing me to utilise a spare 500gb IDE drive I have for  our replacement HTPC.  Storage space is ever more premium now that Curstie wants to store her CSI, Numb3rs and Bones collection.

Slight snag, the device which fits on to the HDD IDE pins is powered by a standard 4 pin Molex plug that you find on most AT PSU’s. However, my PSU only contains the newer SATA power connectors.  Hmm, rather than purchasing yet another adaptor (Molex to Sata) I thought I’d convert one to a Molex myself. Out with the wire cutters, spare Molex and soldering iron and after about an hour…and lots of swearing, bingo one 4 pin Molex plug.

I plugged everything in and…nothing, the new Harddrive wasn’t detected. Rechecked the wires, tried again and still nothing. I installed a DVD Rom drive using the new Molex cable I’d made and that worked fine so at least I know my DIY cable is providing power.  It looks like either the IDE to Sata board is duff or it doesn’t like my motherboard/bios.

I give up – although I can still use the IDE drive in my main PC or NAS server anyway, especially now that my digital photo collection is ever increasing.  So, in the end, it looks like I’m off to PC World this weekend to pick up a new SATA HDD after all.

Can’t win them all 🙂


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