New GFX card

I went out with a friend from work on Saturday and I managed to pick up a cheap GFX card for my HTPC. I originally was looking for something that would at least allow me to run Aero on Vista/Windows 7 and basically be one step up from the onboard GFX chipset I was using at mo. I didn’t need anything too flash but what I got was a  Geforce 8400 GS, 512mb onboard ram, low profile and passive cooling/fanless so no noise. Not only that but it has VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs….all for £30 – perfect!!

At the moment I’ve got it set up on a test box running Vista so hopefully if i have time, I’ll transfer it over to the HTPC in the living room this weekend and see if the HDMI link to my TV looks any better than standard VGA.

Fantastic buy and thanks Ben for the invite on Saturday.


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