Even more snow today

Over the past few days the snow showers have intensified, causing even more disruption to those on the roads. I noticed quite a few accidents on the way to work but thankfully all were fender-benders and no real harm done.

The office was very quiet today, I guess more folk had decided not to brave the weather and stay home. The Motorway was practically dead when I drove home this evening.

I was watching the news this evening and low and behold, two opposite political parties were having a right ol point the finger ‘discussion’ about how the leading party had failed to provide adequate provisions to deal with the problems caused by the snow – the worst, according to the news, in nearly 20 years. Now, I’m not remotely interested in politics or have any allegiance to any particular party but these two berks were going on about how Russia, Sweden and Iceland etc have excellent infrastructure for dealing with severe winter snow and that we should likewise adopt such a system and invest heavily into it.

It beats me how these people get elected.

Now that’s a great idea, lets all buy lots of snow plows and grit machines and have them all park in a specially constructed shed where they’ll be ready to jump into action on the chance that once every 20 years we might get a whiff of snow. Yes, the other countries mentioned have state of the art equipment for dealing with heavy snow but that’s because for 6 months of the year its sodding covered in the stuff.

Yes I know, snowplows save lives….but so do Doctors and Firemen and they’re required all year round. Rant over 🙂

Now I’m not 100% what I was following on the way into work this morning, so I took a picture (I’d stopped at the time) in the hope that someone could identify it for me please?

What next, snow mobiles for the postman 🙂


One response to “Even more snow today

  1. We don’t get extreme weather often over here but when we do it should be celebrated, If them tits in Westminster want my vote they’d declare tomorrow a public holiday so we can all go out and build a snow man. Perhaps the roads could be improved on the cheap by encouraging the community spirit that we seem to have lost since I was a lad. People used to club together with shovels and the streets would be cleared in no time.My neighbour has cleared our communal path twice this week but I’ve been working and not had chance to help him which I feel a bit guilty about.
    It should be the same when its lovely and sunny too. Who wants to be stuck in an office when we should be sat in the sun getting toasted.

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