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I’ve been messing around with Windows 7 Beta and was going to write a mini review based on my findings. However being a hugh fan of Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows and seeing that he’s publishing a fantastic review (with lots of pictures) I would much rather simply link. Or am i being lazy?

Paul’s site is

You can also catch his podcast ‘This Week in Windows’ on the TWiT network with Leo Laporte –

If you haven’t listened to any TWiT podcasts I highly recommend them. I’ve been tuning in for years and find that they’re the best Tech podcasts – For me, my favorites are ‘This week in Tech’, ‘Net at Nite’ and of course ‘This Week in Windows’. I’m not a Mac owner/user however ‘Mac Break weekly’ is also worth listening too.

Through the regular guests on Leo’s show’s I’ve discovered many more fantastic Tech IPTV shows. Ones to look out for are Tekzilla (my fav tech show), DL.TV, and Systm.


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