Stealing a peek at ‘The History of Ocean’.

When I got home from Revival Mini last night buzzing from sensory overload and my copy of The History of Ocean (software) in my hands, I’d promised myself that is was going to go straight onto the bookshelf, unread until the Christmas holidays when I could put my feet up, settle down into my cosy reading chair and indulge in a little Yuletide tipple with a cursory mince pie (or maybe a little blue cheese……..woo stomach is rumbling now!).

Unread yes, but I couldn’t help myself stealing a peek at the first few pages.


I’m still over the moon that I was able to get my copy signed by many of the talented Ocean team that were visiting the event including Ocean boss Gary Bracey and book author Chris Wilkins & Roger M.Kean.


Trying not to look too hard so the following shots might be a bit blurred :-)





Right, that’s enough of that for me but if you’d like to purchase you’re own copy of the book, you can do so via the following link. I’m not sure if it’s is a limited run so treat yourself now before it’s too late.

Revival Mini -2013

I’ve just got home, tired but extremely happy after an absolutely amazing day spent retro gaming and catching up with friends at Revival Mini. Smaller in scale to it’s bigger brother event held earlier in the year (see blog post - ) but still just as fun made even more special with the release of a new book following it’s successful kickstarter project.

Chris had brought a stack of them along with him so that project backers attending the event could get there mitts on their copy early.


As an extra bonus, many members of Ocean Software were attended the event  and were only too happy to sign copies for us all.


The main room with a good selection of classic computers and consoles to play.




I have no idea if this is a custom paint job on this Atari Jaguar or that it’s some sort of Dev unit (anyone out there can shed any light on this?)  I did see a white Commdore CD32 unit for sale though and clearly it was a  home spray job and quite awful is was too. I’m not sure why you would want to recolor a console/computer but then again, each to their own.


Although……..this C64 in custom C16 case  is rather cool don’t you think?


Custom Mini cabs lined up on the bar. Surely this is the future….I’d never leave :-)


Out in the conservatory area was a long row of arcade machines including some of Chris’s Zaccaria cabs. I absolutely love his Super Cobra cabinet –  A great  Skramble type game itself, but it’s the stunning cabinet art  on the side, CP, glass and marquee that I really like.


I spent some time in the hombrew section playing games on the C64 including some of the latest from the RGCD competition and from Psytronik software.

The Vice Squad on a ‘ZX Specadore 64′.


Plenty of gear to buy from quite a few traders considering that this was a small event. That cool  ZX Spectrum +2A at the front caught my eye. So much better looking than the drab grey +2 model.


It might have looked a bit rough around the edges but the screen on this Asteroids cabaret cabinet was pin sharp. It was up for raffle too so one lucky person would be taking it home with them. Sadly it wasn’t me but the immediate silence throughout the room when the  winning ticket was being picked was surreal  :-)


Members from Ocean Software gather for a toast and we gamers thank them all.


That’s probably the last time I’ll see some of my friends until the new year and Revival Mini was the perfect place to wish  them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s hoping next years retro gaming calendar will be just as full.

Raspberry Pi – FUZE case and Photoshop fun

Whilst attending Play:Expo and taking a break from retro gaming, I took a wander around the trade exhibitions and stopped by FUZE stand to check out their rather cool Raspberry Pi projects and peripherals.

The FUZE powered by Raspberry Pi® provides an ideal, safe and secure Raspberry Pi workstation, retaining all connectivity via the easily accessible back panel. Supplied with the 512MB Raspberry Pi®, a UK Keyboard, wireless mouse, mat, pass-thru interface, solder-less breadboard and component kit.


IMG_4204 (Custom)


They look great don’t they, and perfect for tinkering around with the GPIO without getting too tangled in all that cabling. Also, the case brings the Pi’s HDMI, usb, A/V, Power, SD and Network ports to the rear instead of having your Pi case looking like a spider.

IMG_4206 (Custom)

You can find out more information about FUZE project via the link below and details on ordering a kit in a range of configurations to suit either your needs and budget.


These cases remind of the old 8 and 16 bit computers like the Sinclair Spectrums, Commodore C64/Amiga , Atari’s and Acorns where the computer main board was housed inside the same case as the keyboard. With one of these FUZE cases and for example Chameleon PI installed, I bet it would make for one cool looking retro emulation station!

Hmm custom paint jobs? – How about this Photoshop mock up I created for fun :-)



With the holiday season gathering speed , I think it’s time to write Santa a wishlist :-)

Play:Expo 2013 time lapse video. Setup, play and tear down

Check out this amazing time lapse YouTube video by Steadicamant which shows you the setup and tear down of the Play:Expo as well as the hundreds of eager ant-like gamers enjoying themselves over the two day event.

The far left area is where the arcade machines and pinball tables where setup. I love how the area slowly build up and then Shazaam…instant arcade!

Check out the lines of TVs and monitors being switched on and off like LED’s on a matrix board.

Although I was hoping to try out Oculus Rift at the show, this video clearly highlights the queuing involved to get a glimpse. Maybe next time eh?